Enrichment & Socialization

With owning only a few adult dogs, I am able to devote attention to each dog individually.

I believe healthy, happy mamas produce healthy, happy babies.

Our puppies receive hands-on care from my children and me from birth to the time they leave at 8 wks old.

We litter box train to make house training easier for you.

We make sure puppies are introduced to a variety of surfaces, smells, and sounds for easier adjustment.

I utilize the following enrichment methods:
  • Outdoors (when weather permits)
  • Impulse Control, the start of impulse control, Various Surfaces, Structures, e.g. Climbing, Chew, e.g. Bone, Toys, e.g. Ball
  • Grooming Desensitization (I do my own grooming)
  • Household Desensitization
  • Socialized with Adult Dogs
  • Socialized with Cats
  • Socialized with Children
  • Dog door
  • Basic manners
  • Crate Training
  • "No" Biting or Chewing.

I am happy to share tips with new puppy owners.
Or you can visit our Blog page for more puppy care tips.