Odyssey Pups FAQs
  • What Kind of Doodles do you raise?

    My mamas are second-generation Goldendoodles and my male is a mini poodle. The colors range from apricot to red with some white markings.

    My previous clients are reporting their puppies average adult weights range from 15-30 lbs.

  • When do I choose my puppy?
    Puppy choice is at no sooner than 2 weeks old via phone, photo, or in person in reservation order. You can read all about my complete adoption process on my Adopting a puppy page!
  • My child has allergies, are your doodles hypoallergenic?
    Yes! “Hypoallergenic” is a blanket term meaning these breeds typically do not cause allergic reactions due to pet dander. No dog is completely allergen-free, but based on your allergy level, a Goldendoodle could be the perfect fit for you! All of our past families with pet dander allergies have reported no reactions. If you or your child have severe allergies, we can schedule a test visit with one of our Doodles to see if there is a reaction, or also do a “tee shirt test.”

    Can we visit your kennel?
    The answer is no. I meet clients in my dining room and in my husband's office. The reason I do not invite folks into my kennel is for the health safety of my dogs. Young puppies are more susceptible to germs, and they are not fully vaccinated. It's not worth the risk.
  • How big will my dog get?
    .This question is hard to answer. It’s about like looking at a 2 month old baby and guessing his/her adult weight. Genes play a big part in adult sizes, and who can say what gene will carry through stronger? Dad or Mom? I estimate adult weight to be in the low 20s, give or take.
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